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COVID-19 – Covid vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 years – 16 Jan 2022

From  tomorrow (Monday 17th January 2022) Waiuku Health Centre will be offering Covid vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 years at our child-friendly, very organised clinic.   Booking is now available by emailing 

Covid vaccination is the most effective way to protect your loved ones from becoming unwell with Covid-19, and particularly from developing a severe form of the illness.   The relatively low number of Covid cases in the community is due to the high level of vaccination in New Zealand.   We have achieved over 92% full vaccination for those aged 12 and over, and now it is time for your children aged 5 to 11 to be vaccinated. 

The vaccine on offer is the Pfizer paediatric vaccine which is also being used overseas in the USA and Australia, amongst other countries.   The dosage in this vaccine is different to the Pfizer vaccine dose for those aged 12 years and older, with this one having a lower dose and smaller volume, yet remains highly effective for children aged 5 to 11.  Clinical trial results show that the Pfizer paediatric vaccine was 90.7% effective against getting Covid-19 symptoms, and no participants developed severe Covid-19, ie.100% effective for preventing severe Covid-19.   

Children need a 2-dose series of the Pfizer paediatric vaccine, 8 weeks apart, to complete the primary vaccination course against Covid-19. 

The Pfizer vaccines are very safe.  The side effects of the Pfizer paediatric vaccine for children are similar to the adult Pfizer vaccines but generally are milder.   Our vaccinators will discuss with you in more detail during the consent process at the time of the vaccination. 

For more information please click the link:

There is also an excellent article about the vaccination here:

Additionally, information about how the vaccine works is here:

Let’s get vaccinated to keep our whānau and tamariki safe. 

COVID-19 – Vaccination update 29th November 2021

We have reached the 20,000 vaccinations which we aimed for!  Thank you to everyone who has rolled their sleeve up or helped us with achieving this goal.

Although we have realised that milestone, we have not been able to reach everyone. Each DHB is attempting to achieve a 90% threshold of second-dose vaccination, and while our DHB (Counties Manukau) has reached that on average for first doses, there is still a way to go for second doses.

Additionally – and more importantly for us here in Waiuku – if you check by suburb/area there are actually some that lag behind the 90% first dose.  There is one of these in the Waiuku area: the Awhitu peninsula has not yet met the 90% first-dose mark, needing around 230 people more to have their first dose to meet that target.

You can zoom in to check out Waiuku’s zones on the interactive map here.  You’ll need to peer very closely to see some of the road names in order to work out the boundaries.   It is updated each Wednesday

In the last few weeks, we have seen that the number of positive cases has increased significantly, especially in the greater Auckland area. Also, Waiuku has not been free of Covid cases. Now is the time to be thinking not only about vaccination, but also about the future of how Covid 19 may continue to be present and how we will manage it.

Booster dose update

From today, Monday 29 November, booster doses will be available for eligible people – those who had their second dose more than 6 months ago.  Although everyone aged 18+ is eligible and can have a booster dose, we will begin with those who had their 2nd dose more than 6 months ago (earlier than June).  To book for your booster dose, please email or telephone reception on 09 235 9102 after 11 am. As we will still be administering the first and second doses to other people, please make certain to say you are wanting an appointment for a booster.

Having a booster dose will bring your protection against severe disease up again to 95% and carries no more risk of side effects than your previous doses.

Covid in the community.

The safe practices we learnt last year continue to be very important in slowing the spread of Covid 19 in our community.  You are all great at these already: masks, distancing, staying at home when ill etc.

Now we will need to learn to safely manage Covid in our community, through good family education, close monitoring of cases and symptoms, and recognising when people need extra support.

Until now public health staff have been taking care of the patients in the community, and they have so far done a very good job. However, there will be a moment that there are just too many patients that need to be taken care of. That’s when the local medical centres step in.   As such, a plan is being developed for General Practice to be part of caring for Covid patients in the community. We will update you as soon as that plan has been formalised.

Over the past few weeks, the doctors at Waiuku Health Centre have been educated on how to take care of Covid patients at home in the community setting.

There is one very CRUCIAL point to make clear:  We will not always be informed of a positive case in Waiuku, even if you are one of our patients – especially if you had your Covid test taken elsewhere.

Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that you let Waiuku Health Centre know that you have tested positive. It is very important for us to know so we that can give you the best possible care: Covid or non-Covid related.

  • For Waiuku people who are registered with a doctor elsewhere, please contact your own doctor about your positive test result if you should get one.
  • For people who are not registered with any doctor but live in this area, please contact us of your test result and we will make sure you will be cared for. (As an additional note, please be aware that registering with a GP practice is free of cost).

Thank you for reading through this long post! Please keep well and keep up the good work.

Kia kaha, lovely people of Waiuku.

COVID-19 – Positive case in Waiuku community

We need to inform the Waiuku community that we have had the first positive swab test through Waiuku Health Centre.

The swab was performed on Saturday morning (23 October) in the testing area out the back of the medical centre, while the patient remained in their vehicle.  The patient did not enter the building, and all staff were in PPE – masked, gloved etc.   I am sure you will join us in wishing the best outcome for the patient and their family.   ❤

⚠️  We realise that many people will be anxious about what might happen next, and many people may need a swab as well.  The best way to organise one at present is to EMAIL the medical centre on as the phones will undoubtedly be super busy.  If you leave your details – including phone number – staff will contact you to organise a test. To avoid everyone arriving at the same time and causing long queues, it is important that you try to book an appointment for swabbing.   We have increased our swabbing capacity.

⚠️  Meanwhile, PLEASE remember to be masked and social distance whenever possible when out and about, scan or sign in at businesses, and use hand sanitiser.  😷

⚠️  If you have any symptoms, stay at home and organise to be tested.  Once you’ve been tested, make sure to remain at home until you have received a negative result and met other conditions to end quarantine.

⚠️  Also, be certain to keep an eye out for locations of interest on the government site here.  Remember, they continue to be updated:

⚠️  We have appointments available for vaccinations.  You can book these through the same email address as above:

❤ Stay well, Waiuku.   Be cautious, be kind and be considerate – not just for others, but also for yourself. ❤

Covid-19 – News 27th August 2021

With more community cases being announced in Auckland, the government have made the expected decision of us remaining in Level 4 until at least Tuesday, and most likely for another two weeks.

We know this is very stressful for many people but hopefully with community support we can keep safe and healthy.  If you are struggling for food, please contact Waiuku Family Support.  St John’s Waiuku may also be able to assist.  If anyone has other suggestions, please would you link to them in the comments?

For the medical centre, as usual, to support us in keeping both staff and the community safe, please DO NOT turn up at the medical centre to make an appointment or pick up forms, or without contacting us beforehand.  You can telephone reception on 09 235 9102 or email

If you have a booked appointment within the next week at the Medical Centre, you can expect to have a phone appointment at the booked time.

If you feel you really need to be seen face-to-face, please telephone in advance on 09 235 9102. You will be put through to a nurse who will assess your safety to come in.   If you have NO COVID symptoms (respiratory, cold or flu symptoms) the nurse may determine that you can come to the Medical Centre where you will be triaged at the front door.

PLEASE: anyone who comes to the medical centre MUST wear a mask if at all possible.  This is for vaccinations, covid testing and in-person appointments etc.

Vaccinations are going well in the tent area next to the medical centre.  If you would like to book a Covid vaccination (for registered or non-registered patients), you can do this by:

  1. emailing, or ring 09 235 9102 (after 1 pm) and request to be contacted to make a booking.  We check this e-mail regularly, and we will contact you
  2. Book my vaccine (Use Waiuku as your location). If you have trouble booking through the link above, you can call 0800 282 926

PLEASE – use the scanning app or sign in everywhere to make it easier for Covid tracers. If you don’t have the app be sure to sign in on handwritten forms. Remember, the Delta variant is twice as transmissible as the variant we were dealing with previously, so we all need to stay home if possible, wash our hands frequently, wear a mask and social distance.

By the way, the photo is of the entrance to the vaccination area.  Taken yesterday when it was vaguely sunny!  We know people are allowed to exercise during Level 4, but whomever it is with “Rain Dancing” as part of their personal exercise programme, would you mind stopping?

Thank you all for your community spirit and understanding.  We really appreciate it!

Covid-19 – News 13th August 2021

As of today, we have done 7900 Vaccinations! We are happy that residents of West Franklin are able to access vaccination in their community. This will help a lot once the borders are open. It simply protects you, your whanau, and the wider community from being infected or getting seriously ill or death from Covid-19.
Although there is a high uptake of vaccination, there are still many people hesitant to have the vaccine.  We would encourage anyone who has doubts to talk to one of our staff or their doctors or send an e-mail with the questions for more information.  The Pfizer vaccine is very effective at preventing Covid-19 infection, and even more effective at preventing serious covid related illness, ICU admission or death.  Most important of all, it is safe!

Then the new rollout scheme as per Friday the 13th of August, although the government has set the rollout per age brackets, if you are 16 to 49 years of age and need vaccination, please contact us.  In many cases we have enough slots to book you for vaccination. Registered or non-registered patients are welcome.

Important to know is that there is now a gap of at least 6 weeks between the first and the second vaccinations. The reason behind this is to ensure most New Zealanders are at least partly vaccinated.  You can still request to have the second vaccination early (3-6 weeks) in some circumstances.

How to book? For registered or non-registered patients
1 Book my vaccine (Use Waiuku as your location)
2 If you have trouble booking through the link above, you can approach our practice for assistance (after 1 pm) and the receptionist will help you further, or you can also call 0800-282926
3 You can e-mail us at, and request to be contacted to make a booking (irrespective of whether you are a registered patient or not). We check this e-mail regularly, and we will contact you.

Covid-19 – News 23rd July 2021

We began Covid19 vaccination on the 25th of May and to date we have given over 5500 vaccinations. We are very proud of our team for ensuring a smooth, well organised operation. The whole team is led by our nurses, and they are doing an amazing job. We are also very grateful to our team of volunteers who with great community spirit are assisting with the running of the programme.

As from the 28th of July, people eligible for a covid vaccination, belonging to group 4, can make an appointment. The first band is people aged 60 years and over. The next band is people aged 55 years and over and bookings for this band will open on the 11th of August.

The Waiuku Health Centre will give in first instance priority to the 55+ group, and everyone who is vulnerable e.g., has an underlying health condition or living with a vulnerable family member. If you’re not sure just send a request via e-mail to

Depending on vaccine supply and progress with other age groups, invitations will open up to people over 45 years from September, October for people 35 plus, with everyone else being eligible after October.
We would like to emphasise to everyone with an underlying health condition, not to wait until their age band is invited; you can make a booking any time from now on.

How to book?

  1. The National Booking System ( NBS) will have us on the list from 28/7 onwards, you will be invited by age band
  2. If you have trouble booking trough that system you can call the practice for assistance (after 1pm) and the receptionist will help you further, otherwise you can also call 0800-282926
  3. You can e-mail us on and request to be contacted to make a booking (irrespective whether you are a registered patient or not). This email is checked daily and we will contact you.