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Chlamydia trachomatis is a bacterium causing the most common sexually transmitted infection in (STI) in New Zealand.

Chlamydia has NO SYMPTOMS in approximately 70%–90% of females and up to 73% of males. This means that anyone who has unprotected sex without a condom could have Chlamydia and not know.

You are most likely to be at risk of Chlamydia if :

  • You are aged 25 or under
  • You have had more than 2 sexual partners in the last year
  • You have changed partners recently and have developed symptoms

If untreated Chlamydia in a female can cause a serious chronic infection in the pelvis and possible infertility. In males a painful inflammation of the testicles can occur.

When symptoms occur in females they can include vaginal discharge and deep pain in the pelvis, and in males discharge from the penis and pain on peeing. Gay males may have discharge from and soreness around the anus.

Chlamydia can be diagnosed in a female with a swab taken from the vagina or the cervix. This can be a self taken swab although as other STIs are often present at the same time as Chlamydia it is advantageous for a Health professional to do this.

Males require a urine sample to be taken for diagnosis.

Early treatment of Chlamydia is very simple, often just a single dose of antibiotic by mouth will suffice.

If you are worried about the possibility of STIs please see your doctor or practice nurse at our clinic or you can attend your local sexual health clinic.

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