An apple a day keeps the doctor away


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Only a small amount of fat is needed for good health.

All fats are high in energy (calories), too much of any type of fat is bad for your health.

For a healthy heart it is important to reduce total fat to:

  1. Control weight gain
  2. Control blood cholesterol
  3. Reduce risk of heart disease (which causes heart attack and stroke)

Where is fat found?

Fat that you can see

Fat in and around meat, skin on chicken.

Butter, margarine and oil

Cream, sour cream, cream cheese

Lard, dripping, Kremelta, Chefade

Fat that is hidden

Whole milk, cheese, ice cream

Processed meats, salami, sausages

Pastry, quiche, croissants, pies

Fried foods, crumbed and battered food

High fat, deep fried, takeaways

Snack foods

Muesli bars, cakes, biscuits, muffins


Potato/corn chips, dips, pate



Nuts and seeds


Peanut butter/ almond butter

** These are heart friendly fats (mono/polysaturated fats)

How to keep your fat intake low

Limit the use of processed meats and meat products

Sausages, luncheon sausage, salami

Tinned corned beef, fatty bacon


Use lower fat cooking methods

Use non stick pans with little or no fat or oil

Bake, steam, poach or boil

Grill or barbeque trimmed meat, use herbs and spices for seasoning

Bake fish or kebabs in foil or with baking paper, using lemon juice, stock or wine and herbs to season

Roast meat on a rack so the fat drips away

Dry roast vegetables, or use an oil spray

Let homemade soups, casseroles, and meat dishes cool and remove the settled visible fat from the top

Extend meat dishes by adding dried beans and lentils

Use low fat dairy products

Fat reduced milk, yellow, orange or lite blue top

Low fat, unsweetened or “diet-lite” yoghurt

Low fat cheese- cottage cheese, ricotta and quark

Replace high fat sauces/dressings with low fat choices

“Lite”, low fat/oil based dressings and mayonnaise

Tomato and vegetable sauces instead of creamy/cheese sauces

Grainy mustard/herb or balsamic vinegars with a dash of olive oil

Choose healthy snacks

Use wholegrain, low fat crackers

Fresh fruit and low fat/low sugar yoghurt

Whole grain breads

Change of View

Use thin spread of reduced fat spread or avocado or avoid all together

Increase amount of fruit and vegetables

Keep takeaways to once a month treat

Keep cakes/biscuits/muffins/scones/chocolate/ice cream and dessert for special occasions- occasionally.